Thursday, October 18, 2012

Adirondack Fall Fantastic!

The northern Adirondacks were ablaze with fall color for API's 6th Annual Fall Photo workshop, led by Mark Bowie.  Based out of the Northwoods Inn in Lake Placid, Mark led field excursions to lakes, ponds, rivers and woods decorated with classic Adirondack fall foliage.  Morning mists lingered over the waters, softening the colors to pastels.  The area's great variety of hardwoods set amidst evergreens makes it unique in the Northeast.  The mountains were carpeted with multi-hued blankets.  The waters reflected them.  With the abundance of color, the great challenge lay in crafting unique autumn images that resonated with meaning.  Mark led the group in exploring many different field and post-processing techniques: creating panoramas, abstract images, layer masks, and multiple exposures for focus stacking and contrast control.  The possibilities for great imagery were as plentiful as the fall colors.  Both are what makes this region so special as an autumn destination.

Special thanks to the Northwoods Inn for their fabulous meals and for being such gracious hosts.  Watch for more fall events on next year's schedule, to be posted soon.