Thursday, October 18, 2012

A Classic Retreat

To set aside time and immerse yourself in the craft of photography amidst the serenity of the central Lake Country is, to us, the ultimate Adirondack photographic experience — and the essence of our signature Retreats.  API director John Radigan and staff instructor Mark Bowie guided participants on this week-long artists' retreat, where we explored in-depth the beauty and emotional allure of this special place.  Participants worked on daily assignments, which culminated in a presentation of their week's theme.  Viewing others' work through their eyes is an incredible way to enhance one's own photography.  To track our progress images were printed and posted daily and an e-book showcasing everyone's imagery and writing was produced.

The Woods Inn, in Inlet, was once again our home.  With gourmet food, fantastic hospitality and a waterfront location offering so many photographic possibilities, they are the perfect hosts.

The Retreat format is an unrivaled success and the heart of our offerings.  Watch for more of them as next year's schedule is announced.  And sign up as soon as possible; they fill quickly!