Friday, February 19, 2010

Staff Instructor Carl Rubino at Lake Placid Center for the Arts

API staff instructor Carl Rubino will be leading two workshops for LPCA as part of their Winter & Spring schedule.

"Improving Your Photography - The Basic skills" will take place Saturday, May 22. This is a one-day workshop for photographers who want a better understanding of the basics of photography. Covers a host of topics including: composition, exposure control, natural lighting and other essential skills so as to improve your photography dramatically.

"SLR Photography - Beyond The Basics" is a two-day workshop for photographers who want to go deeper into the art of photography, expanding their understanding and use of composition, portrayal of motion in photography, creative use of shutter speed and depth of field, selective focus, lens choices and other techniques, and perhaps, venturing into fine art photography. The workshop will take place Saturday and Sunday, June 19 and 20, respectively.

For more information on these workshops visit the LPCA website . And don't forget that LPCA members are eligible for a discount on API programs! Click here for details.

Thursday, February 4, 2010

BRRRR! - Winter Fun with Mark Bowie

Photo by Greg Craybas

With temperatures plunging to -16 degrees one night, followed by -20 degrees the following morning (an API workshop record!), the endurance of both photographic equipment and participants at the Adirondack Winter Workshop, led by Mark Bowie, were tested to the limit.

The participants proved a hearty lot and came away with some nice images despite the trying conditions. And as usual, the warmth, hospitality, and great food provided by the Woods Inn were excellent. It’s a fabulous place from which to run a workshop; nice accommodations with access to numerous scenic field locations.

Mark challenged participants with indoor sessions on strategies and techniques specific to photographing the Adirondack winter, including creating panoramas and high dynamic range imagery, resulting in a free-flowing exchange of creative ideas. Re-connecting with old friends, meeting new ones, and feeding off one another’s artistic abilities highlights API workshops. And from this one we came away with a common bond about which we’ll embellish for years: how we persevered through extreme Adirondack weather!