Saturday, July 11, 2009

API at NECCC - saturday

first let me say about of things about the rest of my friday. i met a lot of NECCC attendees and got a chance to ask them "when was the last time you photographed in the adirondacks?" most of the photogs said they vacationed there throughout their childhood but had never considered photographing in the park... my next question... "why?"

i reminded them that it was less than a tankful of gas away, they could pack up all their camera gear and extra clothing in their car, and not be restricted to an overhead carry-on, get 10% off their first workshop (that savings will fill up your tank) and then get great shots in the park... it's almost a no-brainer. they signed up for our emails, took the discount coupons and walked away, rearranging their calender while daydreaming of the incredible images they'll create.

i did get a chance to see one presenter after dinner. ray guillette presented a program on creativity and it reminded me of the details that one needs to practice every day to challenge oneself, creatively. what was very unique about ray's work... it was done on film.

today has been just as interesting here at the NECC convention. the hi-jinx rooms have drawn a lot of people and has produced some incredible results. there were macro shoots (including , black light set-ups, model shoots (the bikini model swinging from the big silver ring was certainly a fan fav), and hi-speed flash photography.

mark bowie was showing advance copies of his new book, adirondack seasons, an absolute stunning collection of work. his verbal expressions are equally eloquent and if you never see the image he has captured, his words will take you there just as easily. well done mark!

i also spoke with the people from onOne software, Canon and AutumnColor. more on that later. i'm still hoping to get to the print room and see the images that have been submitted for the competition. and then there's the awards ceremony later tonight.

check back later. i'll be sure to have more.

later lighwriters.