Friday, July 10, 2009

API at NECCC - friday

this is impressive. i mean the whole NECCC convention. truly organized and everyone is very helpful. audrey weigold has given me a personal tour of the exhibitors and i have to tell you... it is a treasure trove of products, talent and information. hunts photo is the flagship and gary farber has a crew of talented people unloading a boatload of product. i stopped by to introduce myself and gary was very busy but he stopped for a moment and said hello. stay tuned for an important announcement regarding hunt's photo and video and the adirondack photography institute.

i sat with joe lefevre briefly (joe is conducting a photo tour for API at letchworth state park in october) to discuss the buzz here at NECCC. joe is presenting "now that i'm here, what next?" three times this weekend and it "promises to be a very insightful program... you should pop in, georg". i'll try joe.

i did get a chance to ride around last night and take some shots in the golden light of the evening here at UMASS. the campus is stunning... old and new buildings, wonderful textures and very easy to navigate (with a campus map, compass or GPS). i brought my mt. bike and i gotta tell you, it's the best way to get around and work off those extra pounds.

gotta jet. need to set up the exhibit booth and get ready for all those hungry photogs who want to get to the adirondacks this season.

carpe diem lightwriters!