Tuesday, May 5, 2009

top 5 things i take in the field

i'm no les stroud but survival is very important to me. isn't it to you?
these are the top 5 things i must take with me when i pack up my gear and head out in the field:
  1. head lamp or mag light (sometimes both). remember, you've hiked deep into the woods to get that perfect sunset shot with the reflections and mist you finally take a peak outside your view finder and holy $@%#... it's pitch black. where's the trail? LIGHT.
  2. WATER. my lowepro dryzone has a small bladder (as do i) and a hose, but if i'm traveling light, i take a nalgene bottle (sometimes i mix in gatorade). can you find the two (shameless) product plugs in that sentence?
  3. emergency pauncho. this could be something as simple as an extra large trash bag. something i can cut a few holes in and wear, cover my gear or cut open like a tarp to make a quick shelter. SHELTER.
  4. swiss army knife... including magnifying lens (fire - ugh), various screw drivers, knife, saw, tweezers, toothpick (you never know), scissors, bottle opener (what if your rescuer arrives with a cold brew). WEAPON.
  5. energy bar. remember, you got up before the coffee, it's about 10 am and you got some great sunrise shots but now you're stomach is reminding you that you missed the most important meal of the day. break out that carrot cake clif bar and wash it down with some orange gatorade! FOOD.

a lot of this goes way back to the days when i was a boy scout. yes, i was a scout... loved every minute of it. in fact my motto has always been "be prepared". in fact, i'm thinking that might just be my next tattoo.