Thursday, May 28, 2009

API Partners with onOne software

API is pleased to announce it's first affiliate relationship... onOne Software! now your question is "what is an affiliate relationship?" and "what does that have to do with me?" well, it's kinda like a partner, a friend in the business, or your favorite family member.

because onOne software has the same philosophies / interests / mindset about photography as API, we approached Patrick Smith a couple of months ago and asked if he would be interested in promoting our workshop discount to all onOne customers. well one thing led to another and we have several exciting programs and discount offers planned for this year.

probably the most exciting (and the first to kick off this partnerships) is that onOne has extended a generous 25% discount on all software purchases (til the end of June), to all attendees of API workshops (both past, present anf future). onOne's flagship software is Plug-in Suite 4, which includes genuine fractals, mask pro, photoframe, phototune, focalpoint and phototools. while most of you know that genuine fractals is the industry standard for increasing image size well over 1000%, without the loss of sharpness or detail, this photographer is here to say that the other PS4 plug-ins are just as important for image manipulation, ultimely saving post production time and money.

to take advantage of this discount, simply go to and use the code ADKPI at time if checkout.

stay tuned for more earth-shattering announcements like this. check the API blog periodically for exclusive discounts, last minute workshop updates and offers, amazing tips and tricks from your friendly neighborhood instructors, and the occasional sneak peak into...

carpe diem, lightwriters