Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Inspiring Time-lapse Workshop!

Milky Way over Upper Browns Tract Pond

Imagine the Milky Way in all its glory moving across the night sky.  This was our backdrop for my second time-lapse workshop in the Adirondacks, and it proved to be an inspiring time for all.  The first two nights were clear so we took advantage of it to shoot the Milky Way until early hours of the morning.  We then spent the late morning and early afternoon processing images at the conference center of the Woods Inn in Inlet, NY.  I’ll never forget the look of joy on one participant’s face after he produced his first time-lapse movie of the Milky Way!

In addition to night shooting, we also photographed the sunset, making memorable time-lapse movies of colored clouds moving across the sky as the sun went down.  Thanks to all the participants whose camaraderie made this workshop a wonderful time for all.  Please consider joining me in 2016 for a great learning experience with time-lapse photography.

Joe LeFevre