Monday, July 14, 2014

Water Wonderland

How much fun would it be to photograph from a canoe?!  Don’t you want to try it?  Imagine exploring the wild waters of the Adirondacks, places that you can only get to by boat.  Peaceful, serene, enchanting, exciting.  Mark Bowie will lead a tour by canoe to explore these enchanting waters, full of the plants and animals that thrive there.

The wild awaits.  Water lilies, loons, birds of prey all ready to pose for you. I’ve arranged it in advance ;)
Ok, maybe I couldn’t get them to sign the model releases, but they are there and you could be sneaking shots of them from one of the numerous bodies of water that you will explore on this adventure!

Griz Caudle, famed Adirondack guide, will join Mark to lead this wonderful exploration.

So, this is your assignment, if you choose to accept it…

For full details on this watery photo adventure, please visit our website.  Click on the link below and get ready!