Thursday, February 20, 2014

Snowbound Up North!

Arriving just ahead of a blizzard that pummeled the eastern United States we settled into the turn-of-the-century Woods Inn in Inlet for our annual winter photography workshop, led by yours truly.  Over the next several days, our group of intrepid participants shot forests blanketed in pristine snows, night blizzards and frosty mornings.  We photographed the zen of peach-colored beech leaves decorated with fresh snow, intricate wind-driven snow patterns on the lakes and streams, a patch of cattails wearing snow caps, the subtle textures and hues of the landscape.  We even shot the night, my personal passion.  Though snowing and overcast, the sky turned rich blue, which was reflected on the snow.  We walked the village shooting the artificial lights of buildings and vehicles, and made some moody images of the moon popping out between clouds.

Winter is unlike any other season, with special happenstances capable of producing special images just not possible in other seasons.  I led indoor instructional sessions on the art of reading winter weather and light, strategies for winter landscape shooting, the benefits of shooting open water, big snows and extreme ice, shooting for color and tonal palette, determining winter exposures and critical focusing.  I also demonstrated multiple exposure techniques including layer masks, focus stacking, creating HDR's and panoramas.

The Adirondack winter is always conducive to great imagery and this years' fresh snows were a bonus.  We came away inspired by one another's work and excited to get out photographing more of winter.  Special thanks to the Woods Inn for being such a wonderful base camp to return to for warmth, hearty food and gracious hospitality.  Can't wait for next year....