Thursday, February 21, 2013

Fun in the Lake Placid Snow

For API's annual winter event, staff instructor Mark Bowie led a sold-out workshop to the Lake Placid Olympic region.  Winter in the North Country continues to provide incredible scenery and image-making opportunities.  Bowie guided participants to a variety of locations; they photographed the steep cliffs over the Cascade Lakes, snow-capped High Peaks, and intricate ice formations along the Ausable River.  He also led several night photography sessions — Bowie's specialty — and  the group was treated to a moon halo, Orion, and Jupiter over the High Peaks.  In the indoor sessions, Bowie covered the unique winter weather and lighting conditions that make winter shooting so special, and innovative field and processing techniques to optimize them.  The group was an enthusiastic one. They freely exchanged creative ideas in the field and in the critiquing sessions.  Mark came away inspired by their work.

Winter in the North Country always amazes us.  We plan on being back in the Olympic region again next year, so if you'd like to share the experience with us, watch the schedule for our next winter workshop.  And sign up quickly; they're always popular!