Saturday, August 27, 2011

Our Friend, Nancy Rotenberg

Adirondack Photography Institute was begun with an anxious phone call to Nancy Rotenberg. At the time, she was probably the busiest nature photographer and instructor in the country. She made time for us. And she would do that again and again and again over the years.

Recently, we were very excited because Nancy had agreed to take part in our fledgling retreat program in 2012. This program evolved out of an ongoing conversation with Nancy over several years. Last year's inaugural offering was a dream come true. This program was made to order for Nancy. We are deeply saddened that she will never take part in it.

We were informed this morning that our friend and mentor Nancy Rotenberg has left this world. To say that she will be missed is like saying that we'd miss the sun if it didn't come out tomorrow.

Thank you Nancy, for giving us a past and a future. We will never forget.

Namasté, old friend...