Thursday, July 28, 2011

Our 1st Adirondack Canoe Photo Tour!

The inaugural Adirondack Canoe Photo Tour immersed participants in some of the most incredible and diverse Adirondack beauty. API instructor Mark Bowie and Adirondack guide Griz Caudle led the group to several interconnected waters in the most saturated area of the Adirondack Park — the Saranac Lakes Wild Forest and St Regis Canoe Wilderness. We photographed mists rising from Floodwood Pond, gardens of white water lilies on Fish Creek, pitcher plants and sundew on floating mats of boreal bog, and a dramatic sunrise over Follensby Clear Pond. We photographed a loon dancing on the water, a days-old loon chick riding the waves alongside her mother, fluff-ball mallard ducklings scrambling over a log, and other ducks jumping off a high rock into the water. A beaver surprised one of us near his lodge. An osprey wheeled overhead. This area produces magical moments every day, which makes for creative images and an authentic Adirondack experience. Its intrigue captivated our paddlers.

We plan to return to this area next year, visiting more special waters and scenic hot spots. If you’d like to experience the backwoods beauty of the Adirondacks by boat, side-by-side with a noted photographer and famed guide, consider joining us.