Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Instructor Greg Miller's "Panorama of the Hudson River" Published

In honor of the 400th anniversary of Henry Hudson's voyage of discovery on the river that now bears his name, the Samuel Dorsky Museum of Art is proud to announce the publication of Panorama of the Hudson River. The book, distributed by SUNY Press, offers a twenty-first-century updating of G. Willard Shear's long-cherished 1910 photographic survey of the river's shorelines, tracing the Half Moon's 1609 route from New York Harbor to present-day Albany. It also reprints the earlier edition, making it readily available for the first time in decades. Juxtaposing Shear's photographs with those of renowned Hudson Valley photographer Greg Miller not only combines two extraordinary feats of photographic artistry, it also provides an important record of changes that have occurred along the river since the Hudson Tricentennial celebrations of 1909. Panorama of the Hudson River will interest anyone enchanted by the Hudson River's beautiful and varied landscapes, and will also provide an excellent tool for those involved in continuing efforts to protect treasured but threatened places along its banks.

Greg Miller's complete photographic panorama of the Hudson River was created from approximately 2,500 photographs and includes both banks of the river from Manhattan to Albany. An exhibition currently on display at the Dorsky Museum--also titled Panorama of the Hudson River--includes the Monroe, N.Y.-based artist's photographs of the riverbanks of the Hudson River paired with those from the 1910 photographic panorama developed for the Hudson River Day Line Steamer company. The exhibition runs through December 13, 2009 and returns February 6 through March 28, 2010.